for ATC T shirts have a look at Spreadshirt

A few bits with control towers

Control tower at Bernie Hurdsfield entry but you have to wait for it to ‘appear’

One of a rather grand Grangemouth and a Nutts Corner old tower I don’t think you have…

nice site here with RAF approach charts

nice link here about RAF Watchfield

Barry Davidson sent in this link about RAF Banff tower and history and also whilst researching into the history of RAFG Clutch Radar he happened across this publication which might be of interest to those RAF ATC personnel who served in Germany during the cold war. Reading the extract brought back many fond memories of his time there. There is also an interesting section on Flight Progress Strips.

John Freemans identified this link about the Fighter Direction Tenders on D day June 6th and there are also details on the Combined Operations web site.

Peter Hill sent details of this radar museum in Wales.

Tom Singfield sent in this link to a great photo of the tower and vehicles at RAF Upottery

Here are some photos of RCAF ATC including some in wartime England

We’ve received two great links from John Pluquet of Air Traffic Strategy (

They are firstly the earlier NATS History of ATC – the version produced by NATS around the turn of the millennium. The text  (posted on the Air Traffic Strategy website) is reproduced there by kind permission of NATS.

Millenium history of ATC by NATS

Secondly John has given a link to the NATS website that has a feature (that John contributed to) on the need for modernisation of UK airspace, which contains a video illustrating the growth of UK airspace since the 1950s:

Modernising UK Airspace

The Royal Aeronautical Society has been digitizing its audio archives of lectures, interviews etc and these are now available at

Pointed out by John Freeman is this site The Decca Legacy and this link for  RAF Feltwell tower that has some photos of the tower and its interior.

Ray Draper has alerted us to the Australian Airways Museum and Civil Aviation Historical Society at Essendon Aiport in Melbourne which has a dedicated ATS section in the Museum

Australian Airways Museum

Theo Barton draws our attention to  two photobooks filled with photo’s and info of 119 WW2 remaining control towers: 

Theo has now sent us this link to an independent review

and tells us that Volume three is in the making!

Here is a copy of the 2006 NATS history booklet


Barry Davidson sent me a link to this NATS article on Aberporth


Dave Smith sent in a link to a video of a film produced by the US Department of the Army Air Force in 1942, “Aerial Navigation – Airways Flying” shows various procedures for pilots and air traffic control. The film discusses the need for civil aviation rules, procedures and operations and an air traffic control center and tower, the meaning of green, amber, red and blue;   Airways Flying 1942

He also sent in  a search string for the IWM collection on the subject of RAF  and RN flying control. Not all the “hits” are relevant but there are also some nice ATC/FC studies. He also points out that one featured airfield is East Kirby not, as described, West Kirby.

“Flying Control” in the IWM collection

Guild of Air Traffic Control Officers

Malcolm Hemming has provided a link below to some ATC folk lore and humour at EGLL from Al Carter.

The Legend of Mike Romeo

reference the ‘Legend of Mike Romeo’

A UK web site about our Control Towers

Control Towers

a link to the Art of the Control Tower Exhibition

Carolyn J. Russo – Art of the Airport Tower

There is often something of interest from NATS at


for everything the casual enquirer wants to know about ILS and MLS

try ILS and MLS systems

Mark Brocks ATC History slides

s is acopy ogf thje

4 thoughts on “Links”

  1. This is for the Goxhill Watch Tower at the Military Aviation Museum in Virginia Beach. Here is the email I received from one of my fellow volunteers,
    “Our friend Bill Carlile who was the Flying Control Office at Thurleigh from 42-45 was in the first class of USAAF designated controller trainees sent in 1942 to train with the RAF in Air Traffic/ Control Tower procedures. He cannot remember where it was or at what UK base. Can you (me) please ask around the next time you’re on the ARG site to see if anyone has any thoughts on where that training was done?
    Any thoughts?


  2. How do we add photographs and info to this great site?
    Paul S FUNNELL No 8 Cadet Course with many photos taken during my career.


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