EGNM Leeds Bradford (Yeadon) Airport

There is a request below in a comment for help with a family history research project relating to a German friend who may have worked at Yeadon in the 1970s. If you’re a Leeds Bradford buff (or know one) please help if possible.

Yeadon 1959

NM0 G-AKHK from Barry Davidson.  1959 and

small MT 6

NM0a  G-AJFF also from Barry Davidson as are

Leeds BD918_1

NM0b G-AMYI, an Auster J-8L Aiglet

Leeds BD918_2

and NM0c Airviews DH-89A Dominie/Dragon Rapide  G-ALBA

below the EGNM VCR, taken during a liaison visit Steve Balfour did with Cecelia Womersley, in April 1984.

EGNM VCR APRIL 1984 [724238]NM1

sEGNM 1973

NM1a from a post card found by Barry Davidson


NM1b Leeds Bradford Tie from Pete Clark

The Watchman primary radar now operational at Leeds Bradford airport (Siemens Plessey Radar press release)

EGNM Leeds Bradford (Yeadon) Watchmen radarNM2

Peter Venton OBE, Managing Director of Siemens Plessey Radar, (on the right) with Councillor Arthur Miller, Airport Chairman, during the handover of the Watchman Primary radar at Leeds Bradford Airport on March 5th 1990.









EGNMbd919 1EGNMbd919 2


NM8, 9 10 from Michael Bennett

7 thoughts on “EGNM Leeds Bradford (Yeadon) Airport”

  1. NM1a must be pre 1973 as I acquired the same postcard (still have it) when I was posted there for aerodrome training in 1973. Several non-state airfields were used due to the high number of trainees in the system in the 70s.
    We arrived for training on 1st April after crossing the Pennines from Preston in a massive snow storm only to find the airfield closed due to the snow! They couldn’t believe we had made it via the A59. – The M62 didn’t open until later that year.


    1. It’s before my time but I estimate 1968. The tower would have been operational for a year by then and Aer Lingus hadn’t received it’s first 737, hence the Viscount taxiing in.


  2. NM1. I think the staff are Graham Bedford (standing), Sandra Shuttleworth and Andy Rackham (both seated).


  3. NM1a. I am reliably informed that the fellow with the white sleeves on the telephone is John Bennet. The chap just above John and to his right is Mike Wild. I don’t know the identity of the Tower controller.


    1. I wonder if someone can assist. I am doing some family research and trying to find out more about a friend of my mother’s who she believes worked at Leeds airport 1973/4-1976 in some sort of engineering/technical capacity. His name was Alexander (Alex) and we think the surname was Baumer (or similar), but more importantly he was German – which was quite unusual in Leeds at the time.
      If anyone remembers anybody that possibly matches the above – please get in touch. Mrs Mansbridge


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