RAF Wyton


 Phil Williamson says “Here are a couple of Photos of Wyton Tower from around 2002 ish when VT Aerospace were running the place.  The controllers featured are Sally Belshaw and John Hudson. I include a copy of the cheat sheet I devised for QGH approaches !”


QGH approach see Chapter 10, page 29 on this link and here is a video

Swansea, formerly RAF Fairwood Common

Swansea Airport

Thanks to Bob Jackie for identifying the above

CAMBRIAN C-47A (DC-3) G-AGHM on the apron

Swansea has had mixed fortunes in the 21st century. In 2000 this description captures one low period in its life

Malcolm Hemming has provided the next eleven photos originating with the “ubiquitous and entertaining Prof. Mike Bagshaw (of the ‘PPL Human Factors’ fame, amongst other ‘modest’ achievements…)”

Malcolm would be interested if any of our viewers knew Mike’s father Robert Bagshaw. Robert was an RAF Mosquito pilot, then a QFI (John Farley was one of his students), then an ATCO, retiring as SATCO at Valley to become SATCO and deputy manager at Luton. Thence to Swansea as airport manager, finally retiring as Airport Director at Blackpool. (Use the comment button above to get in touch).

Robert Bagshaw, ATCO and Aerodrome Manager Swansea 1967, seen here at the Decca 424 console.

ATCO Gordon Faulkener, March 1967

The tower building aerial shot is 1966

VCR at night, May 1967

Swansea Decca 424 aerial
Swansea NDB
Swansea Visual Approach Slope Indicator light unit
Swansea EKCO approach aid/direction finding facility

for more on the EKCO system click here

British United Bristol Freighter G-ANMF at Swansea
British United Carvair G-ARSD at Swansea