EGGD Bristol Lulsgate Tower

The Bristol Post has published a contemporary account of Bristol ATC

EGGD 1967


GD1 A photo of Bristol Lulsgate Tower of the 1960s via Barry Davidson! We hope more  Bristolian readers may add to this post now with more photos of any of the towers, external and internal including the staff. 

EGGD PH_D mid 60s

GD1a Peter Hamer sent in this photo taken by his dad in the mid 60s. Peter comments “interesting that the airfield elevation has been overlaid with the apron elevation”

and here is modern tower via Barry Davidson



The next four photos supplies by Bob Truman who says that the first Lusgate tower was a 17658/40 Fighter Satellite Watch Office followed by a 12779/41 Watch Office for all commands.





GD7 Embraer ERJ-135ER – G-RJXJ at Bristol in front of the latest tower


2 thoughts on “EGGD Bristol Lulsgate Tower”

  1. Did Lulsgate have an earlier tower, yes it did. I did two detachments from Birdlip between 1955 and 1957 The tower at that time was a two story square box with a balcony and was located the junction of the two runways . It was probably a standard wartime control tower.
    Lulsgate was notorious for it’s fogs. on one occasion a scheduled flight was coming to land, and the pilot said he could not see the airfield, but
    was going to “lineup” on the trees and a church spire that he could see,
    all the tower staff were invited to come to the balcony to watch. On the flights first pass, he saw nothing, on the second pass, with all the staff straining to see something, a wing tip passed them about 10 feet in front, the pilot decided to divert to Rhoose


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