Heston Aerodrome and Tower in the 1930s

from Barry Davidson’s collection

Heston 2_1


Hendon 1930s

HA1a  Heston in the 30s via Barry Davidson.  Avro Avian G-AAVP looking very smart.

Heston 2_2

HA2  G-ABLI is a Spartan A24  Mailplane built by Spartan Aircraft  in East Cowes, Isle of Wight. Built in April 1931 the plane was apparently scrapped in 1933



Heston 1 1930s_2




small Heston

HA6  G-AARX, the prototype Comper Swift

Heston 1930

HA7 Heston 1931 or later showing HENLYS aircraft sales agency for Avro’s Avian range of aircraft and for Spartan aircraft.  Brian Lewis and Co Ltd were de Havilland agents.

Heston 1


Heston 2


Heston 5A

HA10 includes  GADLM (General Aircraft Monospar ST-4 Mark II) and SU-ABL,  Spartan Cruiser 2 formerly G-ACDW sold to the Egyptian branch of Airwork.

Heston 5B


One thought on “Heston Aerodrome and Tower in the 1930s”

  1. Southern Region Inspectorate still had offices in the old tower building until the mid ’80s where John Sharman used to operate from until they moved to Gatwick when Aviation House was biuilt.


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