More photos from Steve Balfour


looking through the memoires of Eric Matthews he mentions that in 1936 Barton was the area control centre for the Northern Area and had a wireless telegraphy and radio telephony communications on 862 metres together with a direction  finding service.



Barton 1973

CB4 – photo from 1973  Barry Davidson

barton pc3a

CB5 from Pete Clarke  G-ARLW outside the tower (and in  photo CB4 above).

Pete says that he did PPL continuation trying at Barton Airfield near Manchester in 1973. He also got to fly the Cessna 150 G-AXVC which was stressed for aerobatics.He did the check flight with a German instructor who took him to the local area for stall and spin assessment. They ended up doing several aerobatic rolls and loops just to see what the aircraft was capable of!

barton pc2a

CB6 from Pete Clarke 

barton pc1a

This aerial shot shows the M60 Barton bridge in the background looking towards Manchester. There is no sign of the future development of the Trafford Centre on the far side of the bridge. This area on both sides of the motorway is completely built up now.
Barton airfield has changed its name to “City Airport”.

CB7  from Pete Clarke 

Barton 1965 G-APVA

CB8 from Barry Davidson in front PIPER TRI-PACER G-APVA dated 1965

CB9 from Barry Davidson

CB10 from Barry Davidson


  1. The photos in CB 3 & CB 5 illustrate well why, in the summer of 2003, Barton briefly became the airport of “St Gregory Island” masquerading as Guernsey in the series “Island at War”. Our son, Matthew, was an AFISO there. Turning up for work one Sunday morning, he was stopped and told no entry. It transpired they were expecting an aircraft for filming. “well” said Matthew “if you don’t let me in the airfield cannot open”. “Park your Ford Fiesta round the back” – he soon found out why – extras in WW2 German uniform everywhere. On climbing the tower steps to level one he found a storm trooper with machine gun post -but only from the waist up. Below that track suit bottoms and a supply of Coke! He was wearing an FCUK T shirt “can you sit down and control?” A Feiseler Storch landed – piloted by my friend Clive denny, picked up Philip Glenister, did a circuit and was filmed as his character Baron Von Rheingarten arrived to take command of the island. Watch it on video streaming channel “dailymotion” last scene in episode one
    Cheers Phil Holt


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