Brooklands Aerodrome and Tower

more from Barry Davidson’s collection

Brooklands 1933_1


Brooklands 1933_2


Anyone  got any photos of or stories about Brooklands tower? Please use the comment  link above to get in touch.

why not visit the Brooklands Museum



wellington L4250 Converted from a Mk I to the prototype Mk II brooklands

BKL4  Vickers Wellington L4250 that was converted from a Mk I to the prototype Mk II

Brooklands Weybridge 3


Brooklands Weybridge 1


3 thoughts on “Brooklands Aerodrome and Tower”

  1. In its last years of operation, the BAe company Dove or Beagle 206 used to operate in and out talking to Farnborough.
    In mid 1975, the ‘206, flown by Roly Beamont, departed Brooklands and his first words to Farnborough were ‘Farnborough G-XXXX, I’m going to have to land with you as my propellor’s just fallen off’!


  2. After the BA site closed the Clubhouse was refurbished by Trafalgar House (around 1985), they then sold it to a water treatment company called Nastons, who in turn rented part of it back to TH and also my company the National Rescue Group.

    During our time there our software division MTS, developed what would become the Recovery Industry standard for communication and job exchange ‘Turbo Dispatch’. There is a little clip of the building (amongst some 300 other Brooklands related videos on my You Tube channel. Here is a shortcut direct to that clip


  3. I think that rather than ‘tower’it was actually called the ‘clubhouse’.
    There was a later tower during the latter days of Vickers/BAe, the VCR cab of which is now in the museum.


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