Military radar unit based at RNAS Stretton (HMS Blackcap) used by civil controllers in late 1940s to provide an ATC service over NW England. (RNAS Stretton was also a busy aerodrome see RNAS Stretton Tower. These two radar systems were both mobile aerials used at Antrobus.

Type 15

Scan_20160425 (4)


Type 57

antrobus Type 57



AN3  Airways Sector 1 and edge lit flight display. Left hand radar display has a  strip clock (1959) Leslie Tranter

Scan_20160425 (2)

AN4  left to right; Zone, Common Reference Display, Airways Sector 2 with edge lit display beyond (1959) Leslie Tranter

Scan_20160425 (3)

AN5  Common Reference Display, and Airways Sector 2 radars with CR/DF above latter.  (1959) Leslie Tranter

Stretton 2

AN6 disused Stretton tower

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