RAF Twinwood farm


Terry Clark tells us that “Shortly after WW2, this airfield was chosen as part of a National Aeronautical Establishment and construction of several wind tunnels was commenced north of the airfield; at the same time, neighbouring Thurleigh airfield was being re-developed as a test flying site.
Towards the end of 1953, with the wind tunnels coming on line, it was decided to extend the air ferry service from Farnborough to RPE Westcott using Dominies (the piston engined biplane variety) to serve Twinwoods too, so in early 1954, one ATCO and 2 assistants were posted there to commence ATC operations from the original control tower. There was already an ATC presence at Twinwoods in the form of 2 assistants operating a VHF/DF station adjacent to the control tower, this being one of a chain of 3 DF stations (the others being at Leckhampton, Glos. and Medstead, Hants) established by RAE Farnborough to provide a VHF fixer service; the station at Twinwoods could also be used as a ‘homer’.
On one occasion, there was a visit by government officials to ‘inspect’ the 2 sites, but the aircraft which took them to Twinwoods went u/s on arrival, so a Hastings was sent from Farnborugh to pick them up, its arrival and departure both being described as ‘interesting’ on the ‘truncated’ (presumably runway 06/24) runway.
By August 1954, the runway at Thurleigh was ready for use,but the new control tower wasn’t so ATC operations were transferred to a runway caravan at Thurleigh.
This wasn’t the end for Twinwoods however; when I was posted to Farnborough I was required to read and sign the Flying Order Book and I remember it contained details about using Twinwoods instead of Thurleigh, the control tower at Thurleigh being quite tall, the controller would have an adequate view of Twinwoods.”

this comment has also be posted on the Bedford post – atchistory

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