VIDEO : JATCRU Eastern Radar timelapse film.

Sourced by Mike Sergeant, the film shows about 20 hours of civil and military radar traffic on one day in June 7th 1986 between 01:19 and 21:24hrs . It shows the southern North Sea sector so will be of interest to ex Lindholme staff and LATCC staff too. It also shows East Anglian military flights and most of LATCC’s Daventry and Clacton sectors plus a bit of Dover sector. Most of the film uses the radar picture for the Type 82 radar but for a few minutes it switches to the remote radar station at RAF Patrington, probably a Type 80 radar.

The recording was made on a Kelvin Hughes Photographic Projector

Patrington was also used to control the Lightnings at Binbrook


inside Patrington

4 thoughts on “VIDEO : JATCRU Eastern Radar timelapse film.”

  1. As far as I can remember, we only used Neatishead and Staxton Wold remote radars during my time 1980 – 1986. During early 1986 2 of the new remote radars intended for LATCC use, Debden and one other whose name escapes me but not Patrington.


    1. Hi Norman, Nice to know you are still around! Keeping very well but ultra-low profile at the moment due C19. I guess you are still north of the border?


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