The first stops westward

Foynes 1937

Here is  “Caledonia” C Class flying boat G-ADHM at Foynes. Nice shot of the Irish flag and the  UK Civil Air Ensign blowing in the breeze. photo from Barry Davidson.

Also from Barry

Foynes 2 (2)

Boeing 314a Clipper NC18609

I’m grateful to Colin McKeeman for the three approach/departure plans (below) for Shannon (Rineanna) from 1945 and Foynes (1944). Long range civil flights westwards from Prestwick, Hurn and Poole landed to refuel and pick up passengers in the Irish Republic at Shannon for land planes and Foynes for flying boats.

Colin also provided this photo


this is a recent photo of what used to be the Monteague Arms Hotel, Foynes which was used from 1936 as the terminal and control tower (still visible on the top) for the flying boats. This houses the present day Foynes Flying Boat & Maritime Museum; note the full scale mock –up of a Boeing 314 beside the building.




Colin has now sent me a more modern chart, for Dublin in 1967 so I’ve extended the scope of the post to include more about our friends in Eire.


more from Colin follows. he says

“I attach some old 1950’s charts that you might find of interest:-

  1. Chart 0001: Shannon Approach 28/09/1954: Interestingly the approach frequency includes 3023.5 HF
  2. Chart 0002: Dublin Approach to r/w 24, 28/04/1955: Again, HF is included in the approach frequencies
  3. Chart 0003: Dublin Approach, 08/08/1955
  4. Chart 0004: Dublin Landing Chart 28/04/1955: Note; remarks refer to Stratocruisers (if only today!)

All received via a long-standing friend of mine, Jimmy Creegan, who worked in Prestwick and Europe during his ATC career, now retired and living in Macclesfield.”


note the specific reference to Stratocruisers.

and from Barry Davidson pictures of Dublin, Shannon and Cork towers




Shannon VCR 1968


from Colin McKeeman more on Dublin inc G-EMBC


Shows the four HF aerials (rhombic) being erected at Dublin during the 1940’s


Shows the approach road into Dublin airport, with the four HF aerials in the background (1950’s)


Shows a vintage view of Dublin airport, with the old tower on top of the building, no longer in use but still in situ.

and yet more Dublin from Barry Davidson

Dublin 1Dublin 2

…………. love that silver Viscount.

plus two more airfields






Waterford Regional Airport Irish Air Corps Alouette 214

The next two Waterford photos from 2007 from Tom Singfield

Waterford tower 2

Waterford tower

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