LATCC West Drayton Part 2

Dave Wilton sent in this link to a video shot at West Drayton in 1997, B Watch on duty.

A slide show of pictures in the West Drayton ops room in February 1971 with one exception, a Mediator trials suite in 1968. The two closer shots of the operational suites show the shrimp boat dispensers.

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Via Bob Connolly we now have an archive provided by Arthur Childs, a former SATE at LATCC, here is the 1976 LATCC brochure


Barry Davidson has sent me in a series of scans of the 1982 LATCC brochure. They are reproduced below. I’ve also reconstituted the brochure as a download so its easier to read

1982 LATCC West Drayton brochure






On the right standing is Terry Wheeler, looking over Jim Tindall’s shoulder.










Looks like Pete Hulse standing on the right and maybe Ian Findlay on the radar next to him?


TT2_1 Daventry Sector 1980s

below are five photos from Barry Davidson, dated 1973 and possibly A Watch? Barry thinks the TT2_5 shows Brian Adlington. Over to you for names

LATCC 1973 BD 5 19 (2)


LATCC 1973

TT2_2a from Barry Davidson. Bristol Stumble sector suite 1973. Barry thinks maybe A Watch and maybe Jim McCabe with the headset on.

LATCC 1973 BD 5 19 (3)


LATCC 1973 BD 5 19 (4)

TT2_4LATCC 1973 BD 5 19 (5)


LATCC 1973 BD 5 19 (1)




4 thoughts on “LATCC West Drayton Part 2”

  1. Familiar faces, but I doubt A-Watch. TT2_5 definitely Brian Adlington. TT2_3, taken from the ‘Standby suite’, Flt Lt Mike Ankers on SFD MIL. Dave Smith (‘Trotsky’ beard) on HUR ASC, in which case maybe C-Watch. Pre-Sopley closure, Sector 6/20 D-Side in front of the Cardiff suite.


  2. Mr. White shirt looks like one of the many Dave Smiths, the C-Watch Dave Smith LHG guru with the Trotsky beard in particular…


    1. On the subject of shirts, I remember Pete Wyre (a CSC at the time) coming over to us with a smirk on his face to tell us he’d just had a bollocking from Tom Hodkinson, the watch manager, for daring to wear a SHORT SLEEVE shirt and tie instead of the traditional long sleeve one.
      What did you used to wear Malcy? (as if I didn’t know)


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