RAF Burtonwood (EGOB)

Used by the USAAF in WW2 as a Base Aircraft Depot and available to the USAF as a Strategic Air Command base.

RAF Burtonwood

all content supplied by Steve Balfour who says

The (third) tower design was unusual and was a USA style affair. Most of the buildings were still there when Steve arrived at EGCC in 1980. Occasionally, a US Army helicopter would come out, usually free calling  EGCC Approach climbing to 3000′, which was interesting, especially when CC were on 06 and ‘GP were on 27.

The site was also the location of one of the nine M/F Radio Ranges that defined the shape of the U.K. airways system. Steve has added a map from ‘Flight’ from July 1950, and a copy of a 1960s AERAD extract from Jon Wornham’s IOM site.

There appears to have been three towers.









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Barry Davidson sent the next two photos


Burtonwood 3

and reminds us that there is a flourishing Burtonwood association and heritage centre

Burtonwood Association

and also recommends this book which includes interior ATC photos


One thought on “RAF Burtonwood (EGOB)”

  1. There are a lot of stories about why the USAF withdrew and the airfield was closed. The main one is to do with coal mines in the area causing subsidence, allegedly the M62 stretch that runs through the site has to have deeper than normal foundations because of this.

    Mind you I have been told that when the USAF withdrew the airfield was offered to Manchester and Liverpool councils to operate as a joint airport.


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