photos by Simon Card

Border Radar 1988


Border RadarApril 88

BOR2  love the chess board and is that a secret wireless linked display device on top of the desk (or just maybe a portable telly).


BOR3 interesting photo no details. Is this radar or a communication facility?

border radar bd 4 20

BOR 4 from Barry Davidson


BOR5 from  MARK A VAN VOGT who says “This was from the Alnwick Advertiser in the late 80s (1988, if memory serves).  I’ve had it for years, sat on the shelf in the office.  Alan Vogt (ATCO in the picture) was my late father, and was at Border from 83-88, then Pennine Radar at Manch after that; he was at Ulster and EDI/Turnhouse before Border.”


8 thoughts on “JATCRU BORDER RADAR RAF Boulmer”

  1. In the days of Border Radar the RAF section of Border controlled what was known as Air to Air Refuelling Area 8. Normally it was the Air Defence radar sites that controlled AARAs but for some reason Border controlled AARA 8.


    1. I think we had ARA 8 and 5 – we did most of it from what I remember, maybe AD did the QRA refuelling or if they we’re playing war games


  2. BOR 5 the newspaper cutting. George Brown standing in the middle is was the SATCO when the unit closed. A lovely guy who trained me when I went through on Area famil in 1977. A very keen glider pilot who quite often was seen for years afterwards representing the gliding interest at ScATCC when airspace meeting were taking place. He always loved to drop in to the ops room and canteen.

    Graham Hamilton went on to Scottish and Prestwick Centres and was an excellent FISO at both units


  3. The closest radar console in BOR1 is one of the two civil consoles, the next position along is the Mil Supervisor and next to that is the Mil Allocator. The farthest position just visible is the Mil assistant. Two of the four Border Mil consoles can be seen to the front of these positions. BOR2 is the second Civil position, with the fourth Mil console just visible behind. Both photos taken in the BIF (Boulmer Interim Facility), Border layout was in two rows, front row of four Mil consoles, rear row (l to r) Two civil consoles, Supervisor, Allocator/Coordinator, Assistant/Switchboard.

    Golf ball is probably for one of the AD mobile radars.


      1. That is in the BIF – looking a the top pics closer, i’m sure that’s my writing in yellow chinagraph, on the ARA board


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