One thought on “RAF Ibsley”

  1. Many ATC staff will remember Ibsley VOR “IBY” which marked the “bend” in Red One. I was involved with a charity event on one of Ibsleys sites for about 13 years. The accommodation was still there and we used ground to the north and east of it as our air display area. We had wonderful support from the warbird community as Ibsley was a Spitfire base. The airfield was a star in its own right as much filming took place there in the making of “The First of the Few”. The resident Spit squadron were pressed into service to provide the operational stuff. Reggie Mitchell was played by Lesley Howard and “Mitch” the Supermarine Test Pilot by David Niven. They both stayed at a hotel in Christchurch during filming. Niven was a serving officer and had to be officially “loaned” to the film company. An op order was raised detailing his detachment to an airfield “somewhere in the South of England”. The Americans where also there in the lead up to D Day. Our air display featured Spits, Hurricanes, Mustangs, ME109, B17 and many more. Sadly the runways are no more, the concrete being broken up and sold for aggregate. They then found gravel underneath – so now it is 3 or 4 gravel pits full of water!
    Phil Holt


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