EGSH Norwich Airport (formerly RAF Horsham St. Faith)

Maybe Norwich

SH0 a 1950s shot of RAF Horsham St Faith from Barry Davidson

The MR code on the Meteor aircraft was 245 Squadron  The photo is a line of their Meteor F8s so was taken between June 50 and June 55 at Norwich. You can just see the pre-war tower design with its distinctive curved windows on the front corners.

The WH code was worn by aircraft from the Armament Practice Station at RAF Acklington who had both Martinets and Tempests on strength. This unit was extant 1.5.46 to 27.7 56. Presumably down to help with target towing for gunnery training.

HstF 257F4

SH0b Meteor F4 VT175 from 257 Squadron. This aircraft was reportedly later converted into a Meteor U15 drone.

Horsham SF_1


Horsham SF_2


SH 1993

SH1 1993 picture from John Faulkner



and zooming in a bit

SH 1993 zoom


Norwich was the original home to Boulton Paul’s aircraft division and here are a couple of their designs, the P41 Phoenix Mk II (G-AAIT) and the P8 Atlantic (G-EAPE).


SH4 a visiting USAF F-86 Sabre Dog buzz no FU222 serial 24222 believed to be from the 512th FS based at Bentwaters, This could well be an airshow in the 1950s

SH5 WW2 USAAF runway caravan, a reverse lend lease Brockhurst trailer?

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