ScATCC, Atlantic House, Prestwick

Scottish & Oceanic ACCs  1980 Brochure

From Ray Draper

an ATC staff listing at ScATCC for November 1979, for both the Domestic and Oceanic ops rooms



Scan_20150830 (19)SCAT2

Scan_20150830 (7)SCAT3

Scan_20150829 (2)SCAT4



ScATCC Atlantic House (1)SCAT5

ScATCC Atlantic House (2)SCAT6

ScATCC Atlantic House (3)SCAT7


My beautiful pictureSCAT8






CIVIL T&S (Tactical and Support) Suite


Scan_20150830 (8)SCAT12

Scan_20150830 (10)SCAT13

Scan_20150830 (12)SCAT14

Alistair Murray – John A Baker

Scan_20150830 (14)SCAT15

Scan_20150830 (15)SCAT16

Scan_20150830 (18)SCAT17

Scan_20150830 (13)SCAT18

My beautiful pictureSCAT19

Mystery files

the following four photos are labelled ScATCC mid 70s maybe 78. Its near Christmas judging by the office decorations. Can anyone help us with more information?

Bob McPike and Steve Roberts to the rescue.

the first and fourth ones are of the PABX. The lady on the right in the fourth picture (furthest from the camera) is May Lambie. The third picture is, I think, the teleprinter room which supported the Oceanic ops room. Bob Pike

Shanwick (6)SCAT20

Shanwick (5)SCAT21

SW28 is Steve Roberts as ATE2 at Apollo console 1973.  Steve Roberts, Engineering Watch Manager ScOATCC, Retired!
Shanwick (4)SCAT22

Shanwick (3)SCAT23

below systems control

Scan_20150830 (4)SCAT24

Scan_20150830 (17)SCAT25

Scan_20150830 (22)SCAT26




3750 ROOM



ScATCC Atlantic House (6)SCAT30

ScATCC Atlantic House (5)SCAT31

ScATCC Atlantic House (4)SCAT32

4 thoughts on “ScATCC, Atlantic House, Prestwick”

  1. Wow, unexpected trip in the TARDIS!! I worked with Archie Lamont and Jimmy White on Marconi Locus 16 training development for the EU training courses – around 40,000 starter strips were hand written if memory serves me well.. Also had another colleague whose name is escaping me for now but he came across Fenwick Moor to come to work. Spotted a couple of names from the staff list that ring bells. I remember that we were looking at a seismic transition from the bed frame at Gailes (Type 5?) to the Locus 16 computer and the much wider radar cover it was supposed to deliver. Never followed up as I left for a driving career though I benefited from the improved radar coverage.

    I remember the glass plates pinned to various walls around Atlantic House to alert to movement from the mine workings below. And my Ford Escort was re-engined in the Motor Club.


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