Leavesden Airfield EGTI

two photos from Barry Davidson

Leavesden AD 1983


Leavesden Twr 1972


Leavesden Plessey ACR430

TI3 the photo above and below from Malcolm Hemming

Leavesden VCR


Leavesden closed in 1994 but has a resurgence in non aviation activity, with links to James Bond, Star Wars and Harry Potter. I do wonder what its old SATCO Larry Curry would have thought.

Leavesden airfield and studios

2 thoughts on “Leavesden Airfield EGTI”

  1. Hi
    I had 2 spells in ATC during the mid – sixties as an apprentice with DH.
    They had just got radar and had 2 ATC’s (both Colins) and the SATCO was Frank – can’t remember their surnames.My reward for making the tea was radar advisories for practise approaches and several trips to deliver and pick up light aircraft from the maintenance hangers – I was in heaven!!


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