Initially I had nothing in the archive on Luton ATC but Malcolm Hemming sent me an article to get started.

for the article click on Luton – ATC-article

the photo below is Luton tower in the 60s. it is copyright of Airteam Images. I’ve tried to link to it but the link doesn’t work.

192316_big GW1

John Bennett has now sent me a fine selection of Luton ATC photos in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s . The photos are courtesy Mike Harper, the late Dave Gearing, John Bennett , McAlpines , and the local press.

July 1980

GW1a  Luton Control Tower July 1980 and the view from the tower of the old apron with Autair Vikings and a Jet Provost

EGGW BD 9 19



The next three are in the 1970s

newspaper cutting 1972

GW2   newspaper cutting 1972

late 70s

GW3  late 70s

Aerodrome Control 1970s (Windows Misting up Runway hidden by streetlighting!!)

GW4 Aerodrome Control 1970s (Windows Misting up Runway hidden by streetlighting!!)

then the 1980s

ADC 1985

GW5   Aerodrome Control 1985

Approach Radar 1980s

GW6   Approach Radar 1980s

ATSA position 1980s

GW7   ATSA position 1980s

GMC 1980s

GW8   Ground Movement Control  1980s

Ground Movement mid 80s

GW9   Ground Movement mid 80s

luton approach rb


The photo above, from Roy Bradbury,  is of Luton Approach  with Richard Schofield and Brian Jacobi., guessing the date to be mid eighties, the radar is the AR15 with SSR . Luton always boasted it was the second approach radar unit with SSR. There was an ACR 430 out of shot.

and the 1990s

Approach Radar 1990s

GW10   Approach Radar 1990s

EGGW 1_1

GW11 from Barry Davidson – the new tower



Mystery tower 2 march 2017

GW12  BAC 1-11, G-BLHD, Mark Turner identifies this as the current apron control  building at Luton


GW13 from Barry Davidson

Luton advert

GW14 Once upon a time in 1989

and two more from Barry Davidson


GW15 Dakota G-ANAF



GW17 is a series of stills taken from a cine film clip shot by Brian Macdermott on a visit to ATC in 1971. Can anyone add any names to the faces?


GW18 Percival Provosts Burmese Air Force UB215, via Barry Davidson as is


GW19 Percival Proctor III G-AHFK

A Percival float 1953 Coronation Luton

GW20 Celebrating the 1953 Coronation.   from Tom Singfield

Hunting Surveys DC-3 G-ANAF at Luton in front of a Monarch Britannia

2 thoughts on “EGGW Luton ATC”

  1. I agree with Mark – GW9a & GW10 are a similar time frame, early to mid ’90s. Richard radar trained after me, & I trained 89/90. GW10 is Craig Donnelly left, Richard Warner right. GW5 is Mary Turner with Kevin Ineson; GW6 in John Bennett; GW7 is Shirley Wardrop (sp?); GW8 is Mary Turner.


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