Former Scottish en route air traffic control centre and home to the UK end of Shanwick oceanic control centre. Redbrae was located adjacent to the Terminal Building at Prestwick Airport.


RDB0 photo Ray Draper

Redbrae HouseRDB1

Redbrae house was home to both the Scottish domestic en route air traffic control centre (Civil and Military) and to Shanwick Ocanic control. Domestic radar was provided by a site at Gailes up the Ayrshire coast a few miles and from two JATCRUs, Border Radar at Boulmer and Ulster Radar at Killard Point

Scan_20160426 (10)


Scan_20160426 (4)



Redbrae House 1RDB3

Redbrae the back buildingsRDB4

Redbrae House - the endRDB5

scatcc_oceanic PC


Pete Clarke has sent in this photo that was published in the context of a pilot’s description of a transatlantic flight contemporary with the photo. We have published several good views of the mid to late 60s operations rooms at the old Scottish domestic and oceanic centre in Redbrae House on Prestwick airport. This doesn’t match those views, and the legend doesn’t specifically mention Redbrae or oceanic control. The window frame and outside view could easily be Redbrae.

The map on the left appears to be the domestic airspace of the Scottish FIR, from the TMA northwards. the map to the right might (?) be the western sectors. Possibly this is a photo dating to the late 50s early 60s (judging by the headsets) of the domestic sectors at Redbrae. Anyone know any more / any different?

Gailes Radar 1970s

RDB5a  Gailes Ops Room 1970s

left to right, are Paul Ravenscroft, Ron Chisolm, Charlie Millar. Ron is on the West Scottish Sector and Charlie’s on TMA – Alastair C Campbell

The Oceanic Ops Room

ScATCC Oceanic Ops Room Redbrae D-sideRDB6

D side Oceanic control Pete Berry on right

For Oceanic control, there was no radar service, and no VHF communication, Separation used was procedural and communications were by HF R/T operated by Communicators at Ballygareen nr Shannon on the west coast of Eire – hence Shanwick Shan(non) and (Prest)wick (some updated and additional photos from Les Tranter)

Scan_20160426 (5)RDB7

Scan_20160426 (6)RDB8

Scan_20150830 (2)RDB9

NAT 19730318RDB10

Scan_20160426 (8)RDB11

above and  next two photos below ScATCC Mil and Civil Enroute

Scan_20160426 (7)


Scan_20160426 (9)


Scan_20150812 (2)RDB13

ScATCC Redbrae Tels Equipment room

Left to Right

Nigel Foulkes (Chairman CAA), Campbell Nairn ATE II, Ted Stokes (Signals Superintendent)

the next 14 slides are all dated 14 March 1963. Some of the views may seem very unusual, any input describing their subject, especially those outside the main ops rooms, would be very welcome. Please use the comments link above

redbrae 14 march 1963 (3)RDB14

Domestic enroute?

RDB15, RDB16 moved to Southern Centre post (Thanks to Richard Dyett and Malcolm  Hemming)


Oceanic clearance planning ?

redbrae 14 march 1963 (5)RDB18

redbrae 14 march 1963 (6)RDB19

redbrae 14 march 1963 (7)RDB20

redbrae 14 march 1963 (8)RDB21

redbrae 14 march 1963 (4)RDB22

redbrae 14 march 1963 (11)RDB23

redbrae 14 march 1963 (12)RDB24

redbrae 14 march 1963 (9)RDB25

redbrae 14 march 1963 (10)RDB26

redbrae 14 march 1963 (13)RDB27

redbrae 14 march 1963 (14)RDB28

redbrae 14 march 1963 (15)RDB29

now 2 new photos from Paul Funnell

Redbrae 2


Redbrae Spring 1968

RDB31  Redbrae Spring 1968

PK Dance 1969

RDB 32 ATC dance at Prestwick c1969

l to r are Bill Bain, Tom Harrison, Johnny Grice, Harry Ritchardson, Bill Pavitt, Graham Stewart, George Rankin, Maurice Bennett, Duncan Johnstone, Flash Bowden with their wives. Heather Bain who donated the photo says she don’t know who the man at the front is. Most were ex RAF from WW2

Ted Tilly thinks that the ‘seated’ guest is possibly called Ford-Hutchinson but he doesn’t recall a first name.

RDB33 Bill Bain on Airways (or the Ocean?) 

RDB 34 Barry Davidson sent me an aerial photo of Prestwick Airport and its surroundings. If my memory is correct Redbrae House, home then to the ScOATCC is visible and I think that the large white building is the then National Coal Board headquarters that became Atlantic House home to the new ScOATCC. The new NATS Prestwick Centre is next to the Atlantic House site.

4 thoughts on “REDBRAE ScATCC”

  1. Redbrae shows us how so much was shoe-horned into a confined space and how we all made things work. Preston and PATCRU were in same vein.


  2. RDB15: Looking at the FPS Designators, (FAW, SEA, DUN…) this to me looks like what subsequently became the SFD/WOR/HRN sectors.


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