RAF Cranwell

Wireless shack at Cranwell 1920ish

Dave Smith sent in this photo of the RAF Cranwell wireless shack. Dave says it looks like an early version of London Mil! Dave thinks its 1920-ish but, thinking about it, it could be mid to late 1920s. The officer’s name is Gemmell and he later became a Group Captain. He had flown HP O/400s operationally.

Cranwell CTB plus Hawk

RAF Cranwell. photo via David Phillips A Press report stated that…..

“It was being delivered to RAF Cranwell in Lincolnshire to be sprayed in the display team’s signature red livery when it crashed on landing and skidded off the runway. The Hawk hurtled across the airfield, smashing into a crew building and three cars before coming to a rest next to the air traffic control tower. It also destroyed some of the building’s windows in the process.”


RAF Beechcraft King Air B200 of No 45 (Reserve) Squadron, part of No 3 Flying Training School, serial ZK452 /E

2 thoughts on “RAF Cranwell”

  1. Cranwell was until the late thirties the RAF wireless and electrical school. I wonder if the picture is in fact of trainess at the school?


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