EGPH Edinburgh (Turnhouse) Tower ATC

edinburgh tower (1)PH0


EGPH 1962 1EGPH 1962 2

PH0a dated 1962 from Barry Davidson 

EDI Sunderland (2)

PH1 a Sunderland flypast over a collection of Tiger Moths, Harvards and Rapides, with a glider and winch in the distance. Maybe a Battle of Britain Day late 40s, early 50s?


PH1a photo from Ray Draper

Cargo apron with old tower in back ground

PH1b photo from Sandy Sandford  Cargo apron with old tower in back ground


edinburgh tower (2)PH2

Kel Kirkland and Sandy Sandford (Black Jumper)

edinburgh tower (3)PH3

Kel Kirkland and Sandy Sandford (Black Jumper)

the next 6 photos come from an envelope marked Edinburgh 1990.

edinburgh 1990 (1)PH4

Steve Wilson and Christine

edinburgh 1990 (3)PH5

Allan (Mitch) Mitchell Watch manager and ex LATCC

edinburgh 1990 (4)PH6

edinburgh 1990 (5)PH7

edinburgh 1990 (6)PH8

edinburgh technical (1)PH9

edinburgh technical (2)PH10

edinburgh technical (3)PH11

edinburgh colourPH12

edinburgh colour (1)PH13

edinburgh colour (2)PH14

edinburgh colour (3)PH15

edinburgh colour (4)PH16

edinburgh colour (8)PH17

edinburgh colour (5)PH18

edinburgh colour (6)PH19

edinburgh colour (7)PH20

Sandy Sandford has sent me some new photos and in the comments section has added some names to some of the photos above

some are of the old tower



Air Desk old Tower

PH22   Air Desk old Tower



GMC Old Tower

PH24  GMC Old Tower

Lighting Desk old Tower

PH25   Lighting Desk old Tower


PH25a an older GMR picture

Sandy at APC RAD old Tower

PH26    Sandy at APC RAD old Tower

Plus a collage of photos of the old tower interior

bottom right Sandy pointing out the procedural seperation between two inbounds on a night shift One for Rwy 25 and the other for Rwy 31.Top right controller is Rob McNab in the old tower. Middle right the shell of the old approach room after relocating to the new tower.

and some from the new tower

Welcome to Edinburgh

the shape of things to come

Apc Desk New Tower

PH27  Apc Desk New Tower

Apc Room 1 New Tower

PH28  Apc Room New Tower

Apc Room 2 New Tower

PH29 Apc Room New Tower

PH30 inside the new VCR

16 thoughts on “EGPH Edinburgh (Turnhouse) Tower ATC”

  1. You may not notice it but in the typewritten article just after PH0a. it mentions the ‘history’ of the VCR.
    In the mid ’50s, Blackbushe was ‘riding high’ as the main alternate for Heathrow both for weather divs and for crew training by both BOAC and BEA; at the same time the US Navy established its main European base there and put forward plans to extend the runway to 10,000ft plus build a parallel 7,000ft runway, so the Ministry of Aviation upgraded the control tower by replacing its wartime VCR with a more modern one.
    Then it was realised that the ‘new’ Gatwick airport was becoming a bit of a white elephant partly due to its poor weather record, so that same ministry decided to close Blackbushe in an effort to get the smaller independent operators to move to Gatwick.
    Hence Blackbushe closed as a ‘government’ aerodrome on 31 May 1960, just 3 years after the VCR was installed, and the VCR was moved to Turnhouse instead.


  2. I was a visitor at turnhouse old tower in 1967/68 when a was an ATC cadet at AST Perth.still fresh memories of TRH/TALA/OE


      1. Hi John Still in Neston and like wise still “robbing” CEO of the Liverpool Removal Company” Can you find me on Facebook and we can re-establish contact Rgds Sandy (The Legend) Sandford


      2. Hi Sandy , if you look up shaw road , that’s me
        On facetube , it’s the name of roll shop in prestwick, I’m still avoiding the polis ,
        John T


  3. Picture PH1a has a white one story building next to the old fire section.

    That was RAF Turnhouse movements section, I really enjoyed my time there.


  4. Great pics. I can remember when Mitch came to PH and on to the watch for training. Lots of wonderful memories from a great airport, like picking mushrooms on your morning inspection then frying them , and having them on toast for breakfast! And of course BOB P chasing me, or was I chasing him, round the inside of the tower! Hey Ho, those were the days, never to return.
    Enjoying retirement after nearly 46years with the FIRM!


  5. Lovely pictures. I was very fortunate to spend 6 weeks OJT at Edinburgh in 1993 – a fantastic place to work. Mitch Mitchell did my initial interview and Sandy Sandford gave me loads of RT time at Edinburgh.
    I’m coming up on 20 years valid at West Drayton and Swanwick and still remember those days like yesterday, thanks for all your help Sandy.


    1. Good to hear from you

      Still training but with ATC cadets on Qualified Aerospace Instructor Course Boscombe Down Centre useing the RAF ATA simulators
      We are looking for ATCO`s to join the team with the cadets if you know anybody that is interested please let me know


      Mitch passed away 2004/5 sadly missed


  6. Brought back a lot of memories Photo PH2 features kel Kirkland and myself Sandy Sandford (Black Jumper) PH3 the same whilst PH 4 features Steve Wilson and Christine PH 5 shows Allan (Mitch) Mitchell Watch manager and ex LATCC sadly passed on to the great Control Tower above

    I will work on the other photos

    Sandy Sandford ATCO retd EGPH 1977 to 2010


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