RAF Waterbeach 1957

from John Douglas come these two pictures of inside ATC at Waterbeach


This photo shows very well the alternative pre-electronic way to display your traffic as an aerodrome controller. Whilst civil controllers developed techniques utilising  flight progress strips, military ATC found it more appropriate to use a form of peg board with a peg for each aircraft and a map of the aerodrome and circuit on the board.

Maybe our military readership can add a comment or two about the system?


A line up of Gloster Meteors, some T11 trainers possibly from 253 Squadron and some NF12 and/or NF14 night fighters, maybe from 25 or more likely 193 squadron in about 1957/58. The smoke comes from the cartridge starters used to start the engines

RAF Waterbeach

2 thoughts on “RAF Waterbeach 1957”

  1. The gentleman in the centre is John Rutter who later transferred to NATS, and worked as a controller at West Drayton and I believe was for a period a staff officer at CATO, Hillingdon House.


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