EGYM2 1993


photo from Barry Davidson

EGYM Mar 93

March 1993

Fairey Hendon of 38 Squadron (or possibly one shared with 115 Squadron) at Marham 1937/38. The fort type tower is visible behind the port wing.

2 thoughts on “RAF Marham EGYM”

  1. Marham Tower is built to Air Ministry drawing 294/45. Flying Control and Crash Rescue Building for Very Heavy Bomber Stations.
    Marham, Sculthorpe and Lakenheath were developed to VHB specification just after WW2 with the main runway being about 2700m long.
    West Raynham’s tower, although a 294/45 design, was built for the Central Fighter Establishment, opening on 20th May 1948.
    Lakenheath’s VHB tower was demolished a few years ago,


  2. Marham was the first tower I worked in, if the DSATCO had had his way at one point it would have been my last as well.

    The tower is very badly situated, its almost opposite the 24 threshold, which means you can barely see the 06 threshold, I believe they have put in CCTV to see that threshold. But the tower is perfect for the short runway, I wonder if the short runway was the main when the runways were first laid down?

    And oddly the tower at Marham is built to the same design as Sculthorpe and West Raynham.


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