LF0 Concorde G-AXDN Farnborough 9.74 (Meyrick Powell)

LFOa Peter Hamer was an ATCO cadet sent to Farnborough for the Air Show in 1976. He wonders of anyone can identify the guy above in the red cap (second left)

LF0b The recent pictures of Farnborough reminded me that we were sent there for the air show in August 1976 as cadets, and that I have a picture taken through the tower  during the display. The aircraft on the ground is a YC-15 if I remember correctly. No doubt Farnborough controllers will be able to identify the man in the distinctive red cap. I also enclose the view taken from the tower balcony during the show.

EGUF 1950s

LF0c from Barry Davidson  – if ever one photo says it all however the next one comes close



EGLF c1950

LF0e also from Barry, Dunlop Aviation Division Dove G-ALVD

EGUF c1950s

LF0f Dragon Rapide G-AHXW

eguf dh-110 wg240 1952

LF0g DH-110 WG240 possibly 1952


LF0h Bristol Brigand TF.Mk.1, RH742. Test aircraft, Coastal Command

EGLF 1951

LF0g Vickers Supermarine type 508 dated 1951

EGUF 1 1966

LF0h from Barry,  “Mobile Radar Unit for the 1966 Farnborough Air Show. One of the latest developments in air surveillance radar. This mobile unit will be on display. Known as AR1, the unit is a development of a static version already in use in many parts of the world as the first high definition radar. The movable AR1 has been developed for the RAF for easy transportation. Hope the techies like it.”

Another Malcolm Hemming input

farnborough LF1

lf ztLF2

ATC Archaeology – Farnborough N1 Building

controllers in LF1 above are Andy Hay, Mike Baggaley, Ted Winstone, Stan Chapman, (someone hidden), Vic Gibson, Ted Van-Dort, taken circa 1981 just before the new Cossor radar displays were bodge-tilted forward because they were too ‘laid back’, The PAR is out of shot on left (an SLA1).

Terry Clark added

“Cossor ‘Compass 9000’ consoles which ended up at Prestwick Centre when they were replaced by the Plessey Watchman consoles.  We retained the AR1 and S232 radars with the Cossor consoles as they were bought so we could have SSR displayed (Heathrow or Pease Pottage – we couldn’t select which one).  The three closest were for Farnborough and the far two were for Odiham.  

CCTV was for met obs, the Farnborough ob. being done by our own met office and the Odiham one had a vertically mounted CCTV camera at the far end of the room; every time we had heavy rain, water would pour from it! Andy Hay designed the workstations based on a visit to Dunsfold and got the ’tilt’ a bit wrong!
Farnborough nearly got the SLA3c PAR from Pershore but after sitting in the tower car park for a couple of weeks, it was re-allocated to Llanbedr.”
more pictures now from Tony Mannion
From when he did a couple of detachments therevfor the SBAC in 92 and 94.
Mark Davenport and ‘Isobel’
anon 17


Thanks to Andy Amor, Derek Pake, Tony Dann and Malcolm Hemming for sorting out the names on this group photo

This is taken outside RAE Farnborough N1 building (The old ATC tower). The photo was taken in September 1984. It’s a mixture of ATC staff brought in for the Airshow, the one where the De Havilland DHC-5 Buffalo crashed! Some are Farnborough staff, Nigel Green came down from Manchester I think, some are ATCO Cadets. I, as an ATCA was on a secondment from West Drayton, so that’s me, Tony Dann, back row, second from left, Nigel to my right. The chief ATCO was indeed Don Hickson and to his left is Jessie Price. Back row fourth from right is Ken Farthing I think. Tony Dann

Tall fellow in rear row in the middle is John Mayhew – Derek Pake

Back row Dennis Hill (EFSO), Tony Dann, Nigel Green, ?, ?, ?, Ken Farthing (Senior EFSO), Gordon Morehouse, Gerald Larmour (EFSO), ?

Front Row Malcolm Ferguson, Vic Gibson (D/SATCO), Jessica Price (EFSO), Don Hickson, ‘Auntie’ Hilda (Admin), The ‘Mike’ Land Rover driver was an EFSO, Wally Peake (?), Alan Foster (EFSO – Charts Office) – Malcolm Hemming

now from Simon Barry

eguf atc


Across top L-R
Gareth Parry, Stuart?, Sarah Lee, Dave?, Nicola Cooper, ??, Andy?, Linda Wood, Peter Pennie, Terry Clark
LHS top-bottom
Isobel?, Ian Harvard, Susie Court?, Alister Coffin
RHS top-bottom
Sally Reed, Harry Douglas, Dan Lewis, Dan Pryce
Bottom Row L-R
Colin Wyatt, Jim Scaife, Gerald Lamour, Simon Barry, Adrian Roberts, Neil?, Jonathan Bromley, Neil Turner, Graham Brett

and from Terry Clark trying to fill in some of the gaps in LF9
Top row L to R
Gareth Parry, Stuart Ellis, Sarah Lee, David Thomason, Nicky Cooper, Sarah?(Admin Officer), Andy Foyston, Linda Morrison (didn’t re-marry until after she left Farnborough), Pete Pennie, Terry Clark

EGBE 1950s

LF10 previously posted under Coventry, Barry Davidson’s photo has been relocated after Malcolm Hemming identified the  location about 1952 at the SBAC show – its an AW Apollo G-AIYN
LF10a via Barry
mystery fury pic
LF10b Terry Clark says this is Farnborough, SBAC Show c1948. The tower is the third one to be built at Farnborough and is in its Mk1 version; the VCR was re-modelled to its later ‘glasshouse’ Mk 2 form in about ’56 or ’57 and was demolished in 2003; we moved to the present tower (No 4) in late 2002.”
LF11 before ATC?   The Astra Torres Airship HMA3 at Farnborough in 1913 Barry Davidson’s photo collection
LF12 the RAE in about 1945-46? a visual circuit with this lot in the air would have been spectacular. From left to right are (I think) a Junkers 52, a Dornier 335 Pfeil, behind the Pfeil are two types I can’t make out and a V1. To the right a Heinkel 219 Uhu night fighter and two Focke Wulf 190s, one of them long nosed.
Our on call Luftwaffe guru, Malcolm V. Lowe, tell us that “Looks like the exhibition of captured German equipment at Farnborough, Oct/Nov 1945. The ‘long nose’ (FW190) is a Ta 152H-1, Werk Nummer 150168, AIR MIN 11. It was a genuine combat veteran from JG 301, and was flown twice by Eric (Winkle) Brown. The Dornier aircraft is a Do 335A-12, Werk Nummer 240112, AM 233. It crashed at Cove killing its pilot, Group Captain Alan Hards, who was CO experimental flying at the time.”
and our modelling guru tells that Frog brought out a kit of this very Dorner 335 in 1/72nd scale.
Barry Davidson has been in touch with Stephen Turner of Elvetham Publications. His company publishes a booklet entitled 1942 – Farnborough at War by a wartime French test pilot, Maurice Claisse. The booket is about to go out of print and Stephen has very kindly agreed that we can publish the booket on line. Imagine the work involved on Flying Control in supporting this activity
The book has also been on sale the Farnborough Air Sciences Museum.
If you haven’t visited the Museum its a great visit, why not pop in and help support the Trust that runs it. The Trust has vary kindly given us permission  to reproduce their Museum Guide which is a great introduction to the work of the Trust too. Have a look then go visit!
LF13 from Barry Davidson 74 Squadron Lightnings

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

the above slide show photos from Dick Gilbert, taken in 2010

LF14 the first 21st century Farnborough tower


17 thoughts on “EGLF FARNBOROUGH (formerly EGUF)”

  1. LFOa and b; For those not aware, the YC15 was similar in shape to the C17a but somewhat smaller (being originally intended as a direct replacement for the C130) having a MTOW of 216,680 lb compared to 585,000lb.
    The chap in the red cap is Ray Tanton, an Experimental Flying Control Assistant or EFCA (later re-graded to Experimental Flying Support Officer or EFSO) and on the previous method of controlling was a ‘Radio Operator’. None of these grades were NATCS employees being direcfly employed by RAE.
    The previous method (before 1957 I think but I may be wrong) consisted of a single controller in the tower who did not talk to pilots; the controller had several radio operators who were the communication link and the controller would direct them what to say.
    Ray is sitting in the ‘timer’ position; it was his responsibility to operate the time clock which counted down to zero from the pre-set allocated time for every display item, giving the controller a time check at ‘2 minutes’ (to go) and ‘1 minute’.


  2. Reported that more of the famous ‘black sheds’ are being removed although the single listed one will remain. It’s just not Farnborough without a black shed!


    1. The remaining ‘Black Shed’ is ‘K’ Shed on the eastern boundary not far from the FAST Museum site; don’t know what they’ve found to demolish now as ‘A’ Shed is occupied by GAMA Engineering; ‘L’ and ‘C’ Sheds went to make way for the new 3 -bay hangar; ‘H’ Shed (which should have had listed staus, being where they housed the early jets) went before I retired which only leaves ‘N’ and ‘D’ sheds.


    2. ‘A’ Shed was demolished last winter, it being the one next to where the ‘old’ control tower was.
      TAG now have plans to build a new maintenance facility on the south side west of the South Aprons; it will be on land formerly occupied by RAE ‘Special Weapons’ Department.
      Ref photo LF9. This was designed by Dave Thomason to commemorate the last time the airshow woud be controlled from the ‘old’ tower in July 2002. We moved operations to the present tower after close of watch on 22 Nov 2002 and commenced operations from the new tower at 0700 on 23 Nov.
      In those last few weeks, the old tower seemed to know its days were numbered. The central heating broke down, the leaks in the roof got worse and lumps of concrete started falling off the outside, so you had to make sure you parked you car well clear!
      Within a month of the move, the VCR on the old tower had been removed and by March/April 2003, it had been reduced to rubble, still containing the Plessey Watchman consoles which the RAF didn’t want back as they had changed to raster scan consoles.


    1. Lynn Davies not Phillips; an RAE employee not NATS. .
      Being Welsh, we used to wind him up by calling him ‘paddy’.


  3. Photo LF0. The BAC 221 was developed from one of the FD2s which were capable of over 1,000 mph in 1956 and was intended for research into the ‘ogival’ wing layout design for Concorde. Normally based at RAE Bedford, its endurance was so short that a special overland ‘Supersonic Corridor’ was established along the line of the river complex called ‘The Bedford Levels’.
    Looks like it’s lined up for departure in the narrow starter extension for runway 25 (now runway 24) at Farnborough, this being primarily a taxiway called ‘The Bottleneck’. Not sure which year this took place but I would think it was 1968 or earlier as by the 1970 show, Concorde had flown.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Photo LF7 was Jane Gotthard. Watching her climb into the Jaguar XJ220 we were ‘lent’ for runway inspections in that tight skirt was ‘interesting’!


  5. Derek correctly identifies me in LF8 as “the tall fellow”. A number of 57 course were sent to Farnborough to help with the airshow, and some of those are captured in this photo. To the left of me is Gary Pike (terminated at the end of the Aerodrome course), and to the right is Graeme Ford (originally posted to Glasgow and now at Manchester). At the left end of the front row is Paul Adamson (originally posted to Aberdeen and now Head of Airports Network Manager at Eurocontrol).


  6. LF8 The EFSO who bombed around in ‘Mike’ the Land Rover was ‘Wally’. ISTR his surname was Peake.

    LF6 is Mark Davenport and ‘Isobel’


    1. Isobel Rippengal. Posted to us from Prestwick Airport when NATS lost that contract and departed back there in about 2006.


      1. Keep up, TC, that’s old news, see MARCH 25, 2016 AT 9:27 PM. And that is definitely MF with a beard, please zoom in! PLG had been posted to Heathrow by then, for good behaviour…

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Caption says it was the ’84 airshow. MF hadn’t been posted in; Pete didn’t leave Farnborough until ’85 – i checked his CV.


      3. The guy in LF8 second from left is Malcolm Ferguson; I recognise myself – even down to the shirt!!


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