EGVP Middle Wallop

Formerly an RAF Station dating back to 1938, and with a brief spell as a Naval Air Station, Middle Wallop is the home of Army Aviation in the UK. The co-located Museum of Army Flying is well worth a visit covering Royal Flying Corps and Glider Pilot Regiment History as well as the broader story of army aviation. From the museum site (and at one time tea rooms too) the airfield operations are/were clearly observable. During the 1980s Middle Wallop regularly had more daily movements than Heathrow, albeit all VFR and (I think) negative R/T on deemed separated circuits – anyone out there who can correct/rubbish/expand on that claim and procedure?

EGVP Middle Wallop_1


EGVP Middle Wallop_2


photos from Barry Davidson as is

Middle Wallop


One thought on “EGVP Middle Wallop”

  1. The Royal Air Force provided Air Traffic Services at Middle Wallop in the late 1950`s ……the grass airfield was a good source of mushrooms!


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