3 thoughts on “Aberporth”

  1. Sorry meant to say that the original ATCO i/c Aberporth airfield was posted to Benbecula Airfield as ATCO Manager, not to the rocket range. which wasn’t taken over by controllers on detachment from Aberporth Radar until several years later.


  2. Aberporth Radar (formerly RAF Western Radar) was operated for many years by NATS controllers as was the airfield, with the airfield having a single controller who was provided with leave relief by one of the EFCAs (Experimental Flying Control Assistants, formerly Radio Operators) from Farnborough.
    A new SATCO Farnborough and Ranges in the mid ’70s decided that one of the controllers from the radar unit would do the airfield rather than having a dedicated controller there but still with leave relief from Farnborough so the Aberporth Tower controller was posted – to Benbecula – sometime in 1976.(I know because I met him there and he explained what had happened and he wasn’t too happy about it)
    The ‘radio operator’ from Farnborough was unlicensed until the legislation changed with a ban on unlicensed controllers (about 1979/80?) and was one of the first people to get a FISO License and continued his leave relief duties until he retired in the mid ’80s.


  3. Until it was disposed of by DRA, the airfield was controlled by a single NATS ATCO who had leave relief from one of the ex ‘radio operator’ Experimental Flying Control Assistants from Farnborough until the ‘Prohibition of Unlicensed Controllers’ act became law when the Farnborough person got a FISO license. I think one or two of the NATS controllers from the Aberporth Radar Station (previously the RAF’s ‘Western Radar’) did the occasional stint there too.


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