EGPO Stornoway ATC

photos from John Doig


PO1 Stornoway Ad Rwy18 Final App – taken 2007


PO2 Stornoway ATS featuring john’s head. My last working post running up to early retirement! – taken 2007

photos from Ray Draper

stornoway tower

PO3 EGPO Tower

stornoway tower with loganair PA mid 80s

PO4  inside the VCR

stornoway afs

PO5  Stornoway AFS exercising their rescue boat

stornoway looking north

PO6  EGPO looking North

stornoway rwy 25

PO7  EGPO runway 25


PO8 from Barry Davidson. The admin office looks a lot like a RAF Watch Office/Chief Pilot’s Office that may have pre-dated the later WW2 tower.

“I thought you might be interested in a few pictures of what was then the new Stornoway VCR. I was a regular visitor to see my colleague Gordon MacKenzie (ex  Cardiff ATCO and ex RAF Canberra Navigator). These were taken not long after the new VCR was opened in either the late 1980s or early 1990s”. Andy Amor

egpo aa (5)


egpo aa (3)


egpo aa (1)


egpo aa (2)

PO12 Gordon MacKenzie

egpo aa (4)

PO13 This was Gordon Mackenzie in the “old” VCR at EGPO. Basically the end of the building which had more windows than anywhere else. The new VCR was built on the top of this building. It took some time, because the roof was cold war era solid Concrete!



6 thoughts on “EGPO Stornoway ATC”

  1. Ray, I’m a bit confused by the dates on two of your photos ( April 2015 ) as Andy stated the new tower was built late 80s or early 90s. A couple of the firemen looked like guys I remember from my time there ( July ’80 – Dec ’82 ) – the shortest one, Ian ‘Buck’ Mackenzie?
    For interest Ray replaced me at the end of 1980.


    1. Brian – the dates are result of me having to use a digital camera to image a paper photograph – without cancelling the date/time thingy. In the boat are also Shandy, Big Angus, Murdo MacKenzie and (I think) Willie the fitter. Next to Ian Buck is Ian MacKenzie IIRC
      I have a bigger group photo – if you’d like a copy ? Rgds


  2. I did two of these detachments to Stornoway in the 1980’s as an RAF AATC Corporal with Phantom and Tornado aircraft. Enjoyed going downtown in the evenings for a few pints of Tenents 70 -/ and some fish and chip suppers!


  3. Until 1996 Stornoway airfield was owned by MOD but leased to HIAL. Three times a year the airfield was taken over by the RAF (There was an RAF unit in existence at Stornoway until the airfield was sold) for exercise JMC. And when the RAF took over that included military controllers. In the early eighties the runway was lenghtend to 7500 feet and an arrestor cable was installed. There were plans to build a HAS site, but NATO would only fund the floors and not the whole buildings.


    1. Correction; before HIAL came into being, (early ’90s?) the airport was operated by NATS using a sinlge person as ATCO and airport manager as were almost all the airports now owned by HIAL


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