One thought on “RAF Syerston”

  1. I remember Syerston well. I did my ATC gliding instructor course there in 1976. The Central Gliding School hadn’t been there long having moved from Swanton Morley. One of my 2 instructors was Peter Bullivant. Peter was a true gent – no wonder he was selected as Prince Andrew’s personal instructor for his gliding training at RAF Milltown not far from Gordonstoun School about a year before we met. They used a specially prepped Sedbergh nicknamed “The Royal Barge”.
    I was authorised to try to get my BGA Silver Height whilst on the course in Slingsby Swallow XT653 as the conditions were excellent. So with my barograph newly “smoked” I got going. As I was passing 5000ft I herd a jet. A JP then proceeded to loop perfectly around me – I don’t think he saw me, despite the day glow orange panels on my aircraft! The airfield was in excellent condition but the buildings were yet to be refurbished. We were accommodated at RAF Newton.


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