HL0 Lasham 1944 great view of the equipment in an RAF control caravan

Malcolm Hemming in Lasham Radar, sexy new flat screens and all.

Lasham Approach Radar HL1

freddie 1HL2

SATCO Freddie Frost

Two shots of the 424 control position at Lasham with Al Carter presiding


Flying - LCY/FFD/QLA July 2005HL4


Friends 29HL6


Several of you have flagged the demise of the Lasham Decca 424 radar, having seen an advert for the aerial. Lashamofile Malcolm Hemming sent in the following to record the event.  “The Lasham Decca 424 head was decommissioned on Friday 12th February 2021. End of an era, possibly the longest serving radar in the UK”. Malcolm also has a video of the ‘toppling’!


One thought on “EGHL LASHAM”

  1. Sadly the Maintenance and Repair Organisation at Lasham (ATC Lasham Ltd) went into administration yesterday, 2 Oct 2015. The Company’s 424 might never turn again…probably the end of ‘Lasham Radar’ SRAs. SATCO Freddie Frost at 82 ends his illustrious Air Traffic career as probably the oldest valid ATCO in Western Europe, some sixty years after his first 424 SRAs at Eastleigh. Quite remarkable really…


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