EGTK Oxford (Kidlington) Airfield


TK1 from Barry Davidson



and from Steve Balfour


TK2 RAF Kidlington 1940s



oxford pc2a

TK3a from Pete Clarke

No. 26 Cadet Course went to Oxford for their PPL training in October 1972. At that time on a Sunday it was the busiest airfield in the country (including Heathrow). It was not unusual to have 12 aircraft in the circuit and when reporting downwind to be told you were number 6 on approach. Trying to keep an eye on where number 5 was could prove a little difficult at times.
Our instructors would often take us away from Oxford to somewhere quieter, either Sywell or Staverton. The photo of the Piper Cherokee was taken on the flight back from Staverton.




TK4a (via Barry Davidson) G-BEOH

and now for something a bit different?


TK5 Steve says

“a shot of the cover of the 1980s album ‘A’, by one of my favourite bands, Jethro Tull. I’m fairly certain that is the original EGTK tower on the cover. There is a line of CSE Cherokees outside, and I think the VCR window mullions were airbrushed out of the shot to allow the ‘A’ logo to be added. On the enlargement, the CAA ATC Watch Log is visible to the left of Ian Anderson’s hand. It would be great if someone could confirm it was taken at ‘TK, and I think it’s the only time the inside of a UK tower has appeared on an album cover?”






TK 8  recent aerial view via GOOGLE


TK9 from a Pooley’s Guide from the 1990s

One thought on “EGTK Oxford (Kidlington) Airfield”

  1. Back in 1964 did PPL there as part of ATCO Cadet training (No. 3 course). Quite a few of us also go to do some supervised Aerodrome Control work as well. Excellent experience. In those days the student accommodation at Kidlington was abysmal but we got by. Good Flying Club on the airfield – with bar. Also, The Wise Aldermen pub at the end of the lane was OK in those days.


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