One thought on “Dundee Riverside tower EGPN”

  1. Like London City this is a post wwii airport, it was built on reclaimed land. In fact after wwii the Air Ministry offered Errol to Dundee and Perth councils as a joint airport but they both refused the offer.

    It is also a bit of a “political” airport, and Ill explain. When first posted to Leuchars in 85 a firm called Euroair operated a service to Heathrow with 748s. The return service normally got to Dundee at 2130, and Dundee airport closed at 2200. I lost count of the number of times the aircraft ended up having to land at Leuchars. In fact it was suggested numerous times that Dundee airport should be at Leuchars.

    And it was the local council who owned the airport who actually brought in the 2200 cut off with no leeway at all.


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