Biggin Hill

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BIG 1 These photos taken probably in the mid 60s and mid 1970s come from Barry Davidson. Thanks to John Freeman, Malcolm Hemming, Terry Clark and Tom Singfield all identified them as the old civilian tower at Biggin Hill that was was situated south of runway 11/29 at the eastern end from the mid-sixties to mid-seventies.

John adds that the picture above looks like an Air Fair day as the Evening News used to sponsor the show and there are cars on the grass in the background. Also in the top pic is the old Micro Consultants hanger in the background. The helicopter G-AXGO crashed at Denny Island in 1978 in the Severn Estuary apparently


BIG2 John thinks about 1963 ish and has flagged an online video that shows the tower during an air fair (G-ARXS)

MT 8


BIG 4 the other control tower

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