RAF Colerne

Gloster Meteor F.III EE341 of No. 74 Sqn in the summer 1945. 1947

from Barry Davidson.  Gloster Meteor F.III EE341 of No. 74 Sqn , dated 1947. In 1947 74 Squadron seem to have rotated between RAF Lubeck and RAF Horsham St Faith. This is superficially similar to the latter airfield but there are some significant design differences that suggest this isn’t that tower. The squadron was at Colerne in 1946 and studying photos of Colerne tower and the relationship to other buildings we think this is the location.

One thought on “RAF Colerne”

  1. Colerne is now RW25, but variation has reduced considerably since the ’40s so it probably used to be RW26, plus the ‘J’ type hangar in the background is in the right position if the original wartime tower was north side but looking at satellite photos, I’m not sure if the one in the photo is the correct pattern.
    The present day tower as shown is on the opposite (south) side of the airfield and when I visited in 1988, was only used by the parachute club. The airfield was on C & M then I think but looked in good condition.
    Interestingly, the crash map had a position near 25 threshold marked as ‘Entrance to Nuclear Bunker’, presumably a reference to the one under nearby RAF Rudloe Manor/Box Hill (which as we all know does not exist!!)


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