all photos from Malcolm Hemming except where stated

BlackbusheTowerthatwasreplacedHarryHobdenimage010a_zpsfb5a1c90 LK1

Blackbushe Tower 1948

Blackbushe1948HarryHobdenimage008a_zpsb470e18d LK2

Blackbushe Flight Clearance 1948

Scan_20160426 (2)

LK2a Backbushe VCR Control Desk  (A unit control desk Mk 4) January 1959 – Les Tranter


Assistant position

blackbushe afisoLK4

AFISO position

StirlingOO-XAEBlackbusheHarryHobdenimage002a_zps9ddf3c85 LK5

Harry Hobden, Blackbushe MTCA ATCO

Blackbushe1952_zpsee5ada6f LK6

BlackbusheATCHarryHobdenimage031_zpsfe725ec7 LK7

BlackbusheATCHarryHobdenimage032_zps4ae6d3c3 LK8

Blackbushe_Procs_1959_3 LK9

Blackbushe_Procs_1959_2 LK10

Blackbushe_Procs_1959_1 LK11


LK12 photo via Barry Davidson.

RAF Avro Lancaster, PD328 “Aries”, Blackbushe, August 1946

Aires flights of 1945


LK13 a later tower (which now – 2016 – is much changed and updated), photo via Barry Davidson




LK14 aerial photo via Barry Davidson


LK15 next few photos from Malcolm Hemming


LK16 the panel and VCR interior looking a little faded so


LK17  a temporary tower solution in order to build a new tower






LK20  we’re indebted to David Hill, the Ballykelly and Shackleton guy to go to at the Ulster Aviation Society who says that its Blackbushe in 1958. That airfield was used for customs clearing when Shacks came in from overseas prior to returning to their home base. It was also the departure point for Shacks transporting troops to the Middle East during the Suez crisis in 1956. The Shackleton is a MR II coded Q/38.

3 thoughts on “EGLK BLACKBUSHE”

  1. The Visual Control Tower at the Old Edinburgh ATC Building which is still standing came from Blackbushe in the early Sixties and was used until the new tower came on stream in 2005. There are some photo`s of the tower at Blackbushe and when it was being erected at Edinburgh.

    Sandy Sandford ATCO Retd Edinburgh


  2. RE. LK5

    Amazingly this gent turned up at the Blackbushe Air Day last Saturday (30th July ’16). His surname is actually Hogben. He told the Air Day organiser that he still has fond memories of his time at Blackbushe as a Runway Controller between 1948-50. Maybe we can glean some of those memories…


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