ATC staff in the later 1940s

These photos have been provided by Avril Hardie to see if they can be identified. Some locations in her album have been identified and those locations have been in Scotland, Cumbria and maybe Northern Ireland.

its a gut feeling here at atchistory towers that photos 2, 3 and 4 and 20 – 23 are maybe an area unit but where? Logically it might be Redbrae (ScATCC) or Preston Area Centre. An alternative is perhaps the earlier Translatlantic Control Centre at Prestwick Airport. The lady in photo 2 is discretely holding a plaque toward the camera with OBI or QBI (or O/Q81or similar ?) does this ring a bell with anyone.

There are some 30 plus photos eventually to be published , maybe some of our senior readers might identify a face from the past?

2 our friend Colin McKeeman says if the plaque is QBI, then in the W/T Q code that was the three digit code meaning “the control zone regulations are in force”. Maybe its some kind of flag put out to inform controllers of the fact and/or info to be passed to pilots? In my day we had engraved rectangular plaques in flight progess  strip holders.
4 maybe a Watch Supervisors desk?
6d is this the inside of the tower building above?
6e an AFS section
9 this and the one above seem to be in front of a GCA radar aerial truck, maybe a GCA/PAR course somewhere (Aldermaston or Hurn?) That’s Tommy Grant, later (?) of Nutts Corner and Aldergrove extreme right on 8 above and second left on this one. The woman seems to be wearing an American Army WAC uniform not a WAAF or ATS uniform.
12 is Heathrow,
13 how appropriate but health and safety now would not approve of this technique for giving some one the chop,
14 and they would like even less playing with Verey pistols
17 morse key extreme bottom right and a map of this (?) airfield which could be Kirkwall, Orkney?
17a is this the aerodrome whose map is shown on the desk in 17. If so it is Kirkwall.
19 is on Islay


One thought on “ATC staff in the later 1940s”

  1. Thanks for the clue about scan 12. I put it onto the Memories of Prestwick Airport Facebook page and all who commented agreed it’s Heathrow .
    And great detective work for scan 17!


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