EGPD Aberdeen (Dyce) ATC Control Tower

Early Days at Aberdeen civil ATC in the wartime Watchroom.


Is that an Ekco radar that Bill Bain is operating?

ATC staff were housed at Kirkhill Dyce in old army huts on the edge of the runway. Bill Bain, Bill Walton and Vic Oldcorn were all housed here in early 1950s. All eventually moved to Redbrae.


HRH Princess Elizabeth arriving at Dyce 1951 with Bill Bain (photos above from Heather Bain, Bill’s daughter.

The new Tower the “Ziggurat”

“Built in receding tiers upon a rectangular, oval, or square platform, the ziggurat was a pyramidal structure with a flat top”

the 1984 Aberdeen ATC Brochure gives snapshot of their task in the mid 80s

ATC at Aberdeen brochure 1984

A “flight” around the tower

EGPD Ziggurat (5)PD1

EGPD Ziggurat (4)PD2

EGPD Ziggurat (3)PD3

EGPD Ziggurat (2)PD4

EGPD Ziggurat (1)PD5

more zig tower (2)PD6

more zig tower (1)PD7

more zig tower (5)PD8

The chap in the waistcoat at dusk is John Reynolds, who later moved to EGCC and later EGPX. – Steve Balfour

more zig tower (7)PD9

more zig tower (6)PD10

The next four photos were dated from 1981

EGPD Tower august 1981 (2)PD11

EGPD Tower august 1981 (1)PD12

EGPD Tower august 1981 (4)PD13

EGPD Tower august 1981 (3)PD14

EGPD Radar (2)PD15

above and below, 264 radar at Perwinnes Hill.

EGPD Radar (1)PD16

three pictures of Perwinnies Hill radar site by Alan Dodson


PD16a  Bertil Ohlson possibly at Perwinnies Hill





approach radarPD17

A walk through the Approach Room

EGPD approach room (1)PD18

EGPD approach room (5)PD19

EGPD approach room (4)PD20

EGPD approach room (3)PD21

EGPD approach room (2)PD22

EGPD approach room (7)PD23

EGPD approach room (6)PD24

PD25 – A Dyce Christmas Card candidate

My beautiful picture


pictures above and below taken by Chris Stock in 1982

My beautiful picture




17 thoughts on “EGPD Aberdeen (Dyce) ATC Control Tower”

  1. ATC Aberdeen brochure.

    Brochure Page 4 Radar ATCO John McConville. ATSA Brian
    Page 6 night Tower ATCO John Reynolds. Later to MACC the Prestwick Centre
    Page 6 day Tower ATCO Donnie McCaig. Later to EGPH, ATC exam branch and then EGKK
    Page 7 Approach control lineup right to left ATSA Brian, Helicopter radar ATCO John McConville, Radar 2 possibly Geoff Greavey (now retired in Cyprus), Radar 1 Ken Noden, top left looks like Phil Robinson on the Acc position. Later to EGPP
    Page 8 Jock Mulholland on GMC on right. Ken Noden on Two on left
    Page 20. AFTN picture. ATSA Anne Heath looking through window from flight clearance
    PD11 picture is Chris Wilson who went to Heathrow
    PD 18 Looks like Martin Craib on radar with General manager John Mayhew looking on with no headset
    PD22 Alan Kinnear in middle and Ken Noden on right radar ATCO


  2. If i may mention on history of dyce,that i did approach training on the simulator under Mr.McGrath(correct me for spelling)training officer in 1968/69,whilst i was ATCO Perth officer was really thorough.Thanks it helped me reach to approach and Radar in Kenya.


    1. Harry McGrath, along with his assistant Fergie, ran the Field Training Unit at Aberdeen, one of several dispersed tower, approach and/or radar simulators located at Regional airports like Dyce, Prestwick (?), Birmingham, Stansted and Hurn.


  3. A couple more names…PD19 R-L John Mayhew (standing), Hugh Hodge, (possibly Colin Turvey), Colin Saville and unknown.

    PD23 shows ‘Wing Commander’ Eddie Cameron – working as Hels Assitant.

    The ATSA in PD18 I really ought to know but cannot drag the name up at the moment. Brian MacCloughin? maybe.


  4. PD17: the original radar displays as installed when we first moved to the new tower. (additional displays were subsequently installed as was SSR). One per working position L-R Radar 1, Radar 2, Offshore Radar


  5. PD13 The BAH SK61 is parked immediately to the right of the location of the old CTB which was demolished very soon after we moved into the new Tower. You can also still see the “stone circle” in the middle of which used to be the windsock.


    1. No, pink shirt is Stuart Laird 🙂 Think thats John Mayhew in the suit to his right and possibly the top of John McConville’s head .


  6. Photo PD11: Chris Wilson (later at EGLL) on GMC looking towards what was then 17 threshold; with Martyn Strachan on TWR.; Photo PD12: Chris Wilson on GMC with Martyn Strachan standing.


    1. Richard, your memory is failing you ! CW is looking towards the main apron – the 17 (now 16) Threshold is off to the left.


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