2 thoughts on “RAF Barkston Heath”

  1. Back in 1992 it was decided to make Barkston an Enhanced RLG. The plan was for one of the Tucano squadrons to be based here permanently, this was to releive overcrowding at Cranwell as with the closure of Church Fenton Cranwell (and Linton) would get more Tucanos.

    As well as the Tucanos Barkston would Wildenraths PAR and ILS, in fact the land for the markers was identified and a bid was made for the purchase of the land. As it was the PAR consoles turned up and went in to approach room, but were only there a week when the plan was shelved. So somewhere in the RAF the Wildenrath ILS and PAR are sat gathering dust. There is a bit of history with Barkston and RADAR, in the early eighties plans were made for Barkston to have an ACR430 installed and in fact when I was there tho dome for it was on the airfield but there were problems with the power supply allegedly.

    And then 3 years later JEFTS moved in, I bet they wished they had PAR.


  2. I was stationed at Cranwell from 91-95 and Barkston Heath was our RLG. I liked working here as nine times out of ten we got an early finish. I never got to see any of the ghosts though, and there were a fair few apparently!


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