further mystery GA tower BD817

We think this GA aerodrome is Sywell, maybe hosting an air race or PFA Rally with Tiger Moth G-ANDN.

Mystery 3 bd919Mystery 3abd919

Many ATCO Cadets will remember visiting the duty controller “Ash” Ashburner and his spaniel Toffee to get our cross country tickets stamped during our PPL training cross country from Cambridge. Adrian Bowyer reminded us that Ash had the kettle on for visiting pilots and had a fine collection of house plants around the tower. In his time Ash eventually became the oldest operational licenced ATCO in UK. Malcolm Hemming reminds us that the “title” of having been the oldest operational licenced ATCO in UK is now (Jan 2018) held by Freddy Frost ex LATCC and Lasham.

sywell g-ahna

G-AHNA at Sywell

For more on Ash see Lionel Hector Tracy Ashburner

and just in here is Ash in 1970

ash at sywell


  1. I was one of those ATCO cadets. 12 course. Remember when downwind to land Ash asked me , how many sugars I wanted in my tea. Not the RT I was expecting. Also I think the control tower was full of plants, great memories


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