Audio Reminicences: Eric Mathews

I’ve added a series of audio recordings by Eric Mathews of his career in aviation including mainly ATC from the 1930s to the 1970s. These have been dumped in no particular order, so when I get the chance to go though them I’ll order them. If any listeners have time to let me know the correct chronological sequence please feel free to do so. Use the comment tab above.

Tape 1 is entitled: June 1946 and is probably the second in the sequence

Tape 4 is entitled: 1939 – East Fortune, Portreath, Demob, Heathrow and is probably the first in the sequence.

Tape 6 is probably the last in the series.




One thought on “Audio Reminicences: Eric Mathews”

  1. Eric Mathews recording. An interesting personal history of many areas of early ATC development and why some things were decided. It would be interesting to know when this was recorded. but I would think it was about 1989 / 90.

    The first recording on the list above deals with his career from 1946 to 1953. It includes the start up of operations at Heathrow, PAR at Northolt and some interesting points about the ACR6 radar, block numbering at Heathrow and the introduction of Ground Movement radar.

    I never knew Eric in my ATC career but had heard older colleagues talk about him. He comes across as a strongly opinionated person. Eric has made this interesting personal insight of a person who was involved in a lot of ATC developments which shaped the system as we now know it.

    It t would appear that Eric recorded this good quality recording on a reel to reel tape at home. The tape was obviously used before because there is a rather confusing section between about 39 and 45 minutes when a BBC radio programme appears.


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