Uxbridge, HIllingdon house

uxbridge opsUXB1

“Photograph taken inside the new building which replaced the original hut about 1948/49. At the map, John MacDonald – Watch Supervisor. ATC system as in the earlier hut and still retaining a nail studded display board for flight plans and messages but area R/T at last replacing W/T and morse keys. However still no proper rest facilities, breaks taken as and when, nothing organised but the roof didn’t leak. The information board to the left of the door was the one on which I first pinned the proposal to start a Guild of ATCOs and asking for support. As we know it came readily, the suggested name given to the proposed organisation then in 1951 being retained throughout (quite heart warming). Our liaison with the RAF was though an RAF controller and assistant who would have been positioned further to the left along the gallery.”

Bernard Brown 10/5/2004

(I had a chat and coffee with Bernard today, 14th October 2015. Bernard is 92 years old and great company. He tells me he is the dark haired controller standing in the centre of the photo.)

a list of GATCO founder members can be found here Gatco Founders

uxbridge radarUXB2

This is a photo of the original London Radar Service located in a hut on the NW of the Heathrow Site. We’ve now found two better pictures.





Dating from 1946, the Anglo French airspace and route co-operation agreement as reported by Flight


Malcolm Hemming has found a BBC archive film of the above unit, London ATC radar services

early London ATC Radar Services

Airspace utilisation sectionUXB3


Hillingdon House JFC HQUXB5

Joint Airmiss Working GroupUXB6

Joint Field Command 1980UXB7

that’s Ron Mahendran, back row, second from right.

visitor is the head of the German Airforce, Oberst F.-W. von SchlichtkrullUXB8

visitor is the head of the German Airforce, Oberst F.-W. von Schlichtkrull

Below three photos of the modern extension to Hillingdon House


Scan_20150826 (2)UXB10

Scan_20150826 (3)UXB11

Malcolm Hemming sent me these photos of the wartime fighter control bunker at Uxbridge




3 thoughts on “Uxbridge, HIllingdon house”

  1. UXB4 … surely that’s Wg Cdr Dave Emery? Yet the time-line doesn’t add up … he was promoted wg cdr in 1976.


  2. I’m pretty certain that UXB 2 is the original London Air Traffic Control Radar Unit (LATCRU) where I first started work as an Assistant in November 1954. The lights are on but normally the room was in darkness so the controllers could see the radar screens (MEW).
    It was in the NW corner of Heathrow and superceded by Southern Centre. Unfortunately I don’t recognise any of the controllers or assistants.


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