RNAS Arbroath HMS Condor

thanks to Barry Davidson for details of this former Royal Naval Air Station


HMS C1 Dominie of the Station Flight 1960, Control tower in the background.

Condor 1_2 1946


Condor 2


Condor 1_1 1948

HMS C4  1948

The ATC facility on the left is interesting. The left hand vehicle is a trailer being used as runway caravan and/or maybe an escort (?) carrier flying control simulator (the Albacores are certainly parked as they would have been on a carrier.) The right hand vehicle is a truck but with maybe a locally built structure on the back. The vehicle structure appears to have portholes! And as for the camouflage system well terms like wavy navy come to mind. Even the presence of a simulated crows nest on the mast means it can only be a naval station.

Just found this photo is an IWM photo ref IWM (A 19574). Apparently part of the aerodrome was set up to simulate a carrier flight deck and this is what is shown here.

3 thoughts on “RNAS Arbroath HMS Condor”

  1. Whilst at Edinburgh I was an ATC Officer with Edinburgh Wing Air Training Corps and during the 1980`s did an annual Gliding Camp duty at Arbroath most years. I actually landed and took off from the Dummy Flight deck with Cessna 150 G-ATZY during a pre camp visit to the base. The runways were unsuitable for landing a powered aircraft on. Before the Falkland war the tracked vehicles of 45 Commando were driving round and round the perimeter track to build up the miles on them. The Officer`s Mess bar had one of the best range of malts I have ever seen excellent when the weather was too bad to fly !!!!!


    1. Richard

      thanks for that. I went back to other sources of aerial views of Arbroath and you are correct it should have four runways. In fact the long straight perimeter tracks on the right and bottom of the photo were once the missing runways.



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