Glasgow (Renfrew) Airport


RAP 0 Renfrew Glasgow’s own “gateway to the west” from Barry Davidson

Alastair C Campbell has come up with photos of a new aerodrome to this blog. He points out that these are from the internet so he can’t credit the photographer.

Renfrew Control Tower 1960


Renfrew Airport 1966


Renfrew Airport 1974 pre dem


The others are of Renfrew Airport although not sure if they’re of use.  The one of the control tower is 1960 and the runway view is just before it shut in 1966 when the current Glasgow Airport took over.  The M8 motorway uses part of the runway stretching away from you.  The colour photo is of the derelict tower and terminal prior to demolition in 1974. I think the Tower survived into the 80s because I’m pretty sure I used to pass it when I was travelling to Glasgow Airport as a young ATCO.   Very few (if any) photos appear to exist of the inside of the Renfrew Tower.


RAP 4 this photo and the next via Barry Davidson



Dave Smith sent me a link to an online film showing the inside of Renfrew VCR and the ATS staff on duty. Dave says that the Renfrew bit started at 09.20 and included clips of the tower interior and a brief glimpse of F-86s and T-33s.

Full record for ‘HOME AND AWAY NO. 12’ (1522) – Moving Image Archive catalogue

2 thoughts on “Glasgow (Renfrew) Airport”

  1. Actually it was in use for 12 years. The new terminal opened in 1954 and the new airport at Abbotsinch opened in May 1966. Consideration was given to dismantling the Renfrew Terminal and re-erecting it at Abbotsinch but the idea was scrapped.


  2. The view in photo RAP4 is very familiar to me. During my ADC field training at Glasgow (Abbotsinch!) in 1972, I lodged in a boarding house in Pollockshields and the normal route to the airport took me along the M8 from where the terminal, control tower, hangars and apron were visible in exaclty that same view and untouched by the ‘demolishers’.
    Just 10 years earlier, Meccano Magazine had done a feature on the ‘new’ Renfrew terminal and it was amazing to realise such a modern looking building was only in use for 6 or 7 years before operations moved to Abbotsinch.


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