Communications – a Cornucopia of information 1948-1965

Aeronautical radio beacons, United Kingdom 1950s

Our most prolific contributor, Barry Davidson, has produced an epic contribution this time, five documents scanned in with a total  of well over 250 pages between them. The Communications Handbook is a mine of information and by default captures the state of ATS communications in these early post wars years as the impact of the new ICAO organisation starts to become apparent.




CAP 46 1957


and rather more mundane the old ATC Message Form from Tom Singfield

message form atc_TS

2 thoughts on “Communications – a Cornucopia of information 1948-1965”

  1. I don’t suppose Barry has a copy of the C.A.M.R.D. (Civil Aviation Message Routing Directory) referred to on page 88 of the moca communications handbook, above?
    I know, being greedy now, some people are never satisfied!


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