EGTG Bristol Filton ATC


It appears to be Bristol Filton before the front of the tower building obtained a ground floor extension and the roof a VCR.

A bit of online research reveals that the aircraft is Hawker Siddeley Harrier GR Mk.1 XV738  This airframe was the first production Harrier for the Royal Air Force. It appears to have been also used as a demonstrator, having been photographed in 1969 at RAF Chivenor during the 1969 air show, though the aircraft was at the time still in the hands of Rolls Royce. It later served with IV (AC) squadron at Gutersloh (and was the subject of an Airfix kit). –

TG0 via Barry Davidson

Thanks to John Faulkner for this next selection

TG01 Red Arrows & Leo MarriottTG1

Red Arrows & Leo Marriott

TG02 RainbowTG2

Rainbow over Filton tower

TG A380 first visit, no landing, then on to LL.

TG2a A380 first visit, no landing, then on to LL.

TG03 A380 sets heading for ToulouseTG3

A380 sets course for Toulouse

TG04 A380 first landing TG, Craig Richardson ATCOTG4

A380 first landing TG, Craig Richardson ATCO

TG05 Transition, old & new radar displaysTG5

Transition, old & new radar displays

TG06 Beluga and Chris ChanteurTG6

Beluga and Chris Chanteur

TG07 Paul Bryan & Andie PetrieTG7

Paul Bryan & Andy Petrie

TG08 JF & Des Rhys-LewisTG8

John Faulkner & Des Rhys-Lewis

TG09 Final day - 18 Dec 2012 - Keith Flint and Dave BurgessTG9

Final Day – 21 Dec 2012 – Keith Flint and Dave Burgess

EGTG Control Mobile plus little guy sitting behind

TG9a ATC mobile with a small visitor on the ground behind

more EGTG photos from John F

TG Andy Affleck & Andy Petrie

TG10 Andy Affleck & Andy Petrie

TG Rob Jones

TG11 Rob Jones

TG 2008 Brian Currell

TG11a  2008 Brian Currell

jf_TG S264, last in service

TG12 EGTG 264 John Faulkner suggests it might be the last one in service


TG13 D/F display at EGTG  John Faulkner

jf_TG Watchman, S264 & SSR

TG14 Radar display for EGTG, 264 primary radar plus SSR  John Faulkner

John  also sent this little piece of history at Filton. Its from  Brian Trubshaw referring to the maiden flight of 002, the first British Concorde.  The original memo will be held in the records of the Bristol Aerospace Museum, scheduled to open at Filton in 2017.

Brian Trubshaw – memo

Filton Tower, 1993

TG15 Filton Tower, 1993, with Red Arrows – John Faulkner

Jon Wallace

TG16 Jon Wallace, training in aerodrome control –  now at Southend – John Faulkner

S264 & engineers

TG17 The Marconi 264, with our admirable engineers, Scott McLeod and Rob Thomas – John Faulkner


TG18 JFs No 2 son – aspiring Atco? – John Faulkner

Stephen J Faulkner Video

TG19 JF’S No 2 son, 18 years later, with his own video company on the tower balcony – John Faulkner

EGTG Tower from flight deck A380 (1)

TG19a The tower taken from an A380 flight deck

BAC Filton Factory

TG20 The Filton Factory

Filton 1bdFilton 2bd

TG21 and TG22


TG21 from John Faulkner as are TG22 and 23

disused Filton

TG 22 above. Filton Tower, September this year (2017), looking rather unloved and overgrown, now just outside the boundary of the new museum – Aerospace Bristol – just opened to the public.

TG23 below. Well worth a visit – apart from the original Bristol Aero Collection, Concorde ‘AF at long last under cover in its own new building.

filton museumBarry Davidson visited the Museum in 2018 and says that the future of the tower is uncertain. When the police and air ambulance helicopters relocate to Avonmouth the museum will expand to their piece of land, however the tower is located about 30ft inside the developers land and they have said the museum can have the tower provided they dismantle it.

here is the rather sad view as it was during his visit

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