EGBB Birmingham (Elmdon) Airport part 2


2BB0 an early Elmdon Tower interior shot

We’ve had a large collection of photos provided by Rob Eckett. The first EGBB post is quite large already so we’ve gone for a Part 2.

EGBB2 historic (1)


EGBB2 historic (2)



BB2_1b (Barry Davidson)


BB2_1c (Barry Davidson)

1 Rapide at Bham 5.99

BB2_1d above: this and the next four photos and text by Steve Richards. Amongst the first passenger carrying aircraft to use Birmingham were de Havilland Rapides. This nostalgic picture of a Rapide outside the art deco terminal was taken in May 1999 on the occasion of the airport’s 60th anniversary.


2 Cambrian BAC-111 Bham 1970

BB2_1e A typical scene 30 years earlier (1970) with a Cambrian Airways (later absorbed into British Airways) BAC-111 on the western apron. The original terminal and later extensions (on the right) are clearly visible.

3 Bham Terminal circa 1974

BB2_1f Birmingham Airport frontage, as many people will remember it, seen in 1974


BB2_1g British Midland Airways Viscounts on the western apron. Scaffolding around the terminal is clearly seen; the buildings would have to serve for another decade before the new terminal was opened.

5 BA Viscounts on ramp BHX

BB2_1h  British Airways Viscounts G-AOHW and G-AOHM on the eastern apron with the terminal as a backdrop


BB2_1i Viscount G-AOHL in front of the tower and terminal


BB2_1j an early postcard view, three RAF magisters on the grass plus an anonymous civil bi-plane


EGBB2 historic (3)


EGBB2 historic (4)


EGBB2 historic (5)


EGBB2 historic (6)


EGBB2 historic (7)


EGBB2 historic (8)


EGBB2 historic (9)


EGBB2 historic (10)

BB2_10 Might this be the Birmingham Field Training Unit, that looks a lot like Roy Holmes on the right.

October 1 - 0·00 - Anemom

BB2_11 Anemometer

October 1 - 0·00 - Drdf


October 1 - 0·00 - Evcr1

BB2_12 and

October 1 - 0·00 - Evcr3

BB2_13 the Emergency VCR ,  (runway caravan meets mobile home/portakabin)

October 1 - 0·00 - Glideaerial

BB2_14 Glideslope

October 1 - 0·00 - Locaerial

BB2_15 Localiser

October 1 - 0·00 - Samos


October 1 - 0·00 - Trans2

BB2_17 Inside the Transmissometer

October 1 - 0·00 - Airfieldmap


October 1 - 0·00 - Stands

BB2-19 Apron Stands

and now a slide show with many more photos of ATC

October 1 - 0·00 - Panorama

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

BB2_20 the first of three 1960ish photos of EGBB ATC sent in via George Cox

BB GC3 circa 1960

One is of Aerodrome Control in the old terminal building (still existing as a listed building) before the ‘new’ VCR was built on top.  The aerodrome controller with his back to the camera is Wally Scott.

BB GC4 circa 1960

2BB_21 The Approach and Approach radar room, which was situated directly below Aerodrome is Control and again features Wally Scott nearest the camera on the Plessey 424 radar.  Third from the left in that photo I’m fairly sure is Jack Sowersby

BB GC2 circa 1960

2BB_22 The third black and white photo is the cocktail bar, situated on a lower floor and widely regarded as a sub-section of ATC!


2BB_23 via George Cox.  George says that the photo depicts the ‘new’ VCR, which was built directly on top of the old Aerodrome Control.  The late Matt Taylor, a senior ATCA, is featured in the foreground.






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