RAF Leuchars tower

Mystery 1 XL597 Hunter 1974

Hunter XL597 outside the tower in probably 1974. The tower building is a “Watch Office with Met Section design 2328/39 (concrete)” It has subsequently  been replaced by a more modern tower design.

WH904 canberra RAF Leuchars

Canberra WH904 in front of the original hanger mounted wooden watch room with visual control room.

and here is the modern tower

Leuchars control tower, Canberra T4 WH854. Looking at the tannoys on the roof behind maybe an airshow visitor.

One thought on “RAF Leuchars tower”

  1. I served in the tower and ops at Leuchars for over 10 years. The tower shown in this picture was actually replaced by the present tower in 1960. The CRO when I first got to Leuchars in 85 had actually done the first shift in the new tower. But both towers were very badly sited. They both faced south, and all circuits are to the north!


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