RAF St Mawgan EGDG

Mystery 1 Harrier 233 OCU


The Harrier is from 223 OCU at a St Mawgan International Air Day. Thanks to Chris Williams for the identification and Barry Davidson for the photo. Barry tell us that the Harrier is a GR5 serial ZD 322.

EGDG 1970s

Lockheed F-104 Starfighter D-8051 of the Royal Netherlands Air Force.



One thought on “RAF St Mawgan EGDG”

  1. My only visit to St Mawgan was on a Brymon Herald on a fam flight.
    I dutifully visted the RAF tower which was on the opposite side of the airfield to Brymon’s terminal and when it came time for me to check in for the return to Heathrow I hitched a ride across the airfield in the ATC Landrover.
    The Brymon handlers were rather bemused when I appeared from airside and walked into the terminal!


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