RAF Tengah



This been identified as RAF Tengah, thanks to Terry Clark and John Freeman. Barry Davidson who submitted the photo says that DC-3/C-47 serial is KK 202 and the photo dates to 1950. The runway in use is 19 and the elevation 45 feet.


sTengah 1966

At rather dilapidated Javelin T3 from 64 Squadron in front of the on old Fort type Tengah Tower probably in the mid to late 60’s.

RAF Tengah vp977

and a view of a later Tower, behind RAF de Haviland Devon VP977 in use for the British Air Attaché.

v bombers

From Barry Davidson a Victor tanker, two Vulcans’ taken from an Andover (?). Maybe on a deployment or dispersal exercise and identified as RAF Tengah by John Freeman


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