Port Stanley ATC, Falkland Islands


Stanley Twr


Port Stanley airport


Port Stanley ATC inside

FI3 Barry Davidson sent me these photos Port Stanley ATC and said “Inside CTB with the granddaughter of the DCA Gerald Cheek (now deceased).”

from John Levesley, atchistory

“I’m really sorry to learn Gerry has passed on. I was his course manager in the 70s at CATC at Hurn and we joked about how we were near doubles. I met him again years later on a visit to the ATCEU by the overseas SATCO Conference, lovely guy.”
from Barry Davidson is a rare aviation postal cover commemorating ” First Overseas Airmail From Temporary Aerodrome, Port Stanley, Falkland Islands 15 Nov 1972.” The aerodrome in question was sited at Hookers Point.
also from Barry is
RAF Stanley
FI4 RAF C-130 nose code 205

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